Nov 17th 2017 - Feb 2018

FEEL IT FILL IT, Bijlmer prison, NL

"Bobbie", latexrubber in acrylic tube by Xandra Bremers
photo: Paul Niessen

"FEEL IT FILL IT" participants: Natascha Auenhammer(AT), Michael Bachhofer(AT), Xandra Bremers(NL), Max Denzer(DE), Barbara Klampfl(AT), Arno Lukas(AT), Latif Mukas(UG), Daniel Nassoy(FR), Christian Rouchouse(FR), Christiane Spatt(AT), Xecon Uddin(FR), Mieke Vasse (NL).




Greylight Projectspace Hoensbroek, NL

Greylight Projects
Project with the experimental program POLIS
of Maastricht Academy of Fine Art and Design



Oct 20th 2017

Opening Glass 4 Ever, Gorcums Museum, NL

Vrijdagavond Openingsprogramma 20.15 in de Grote Kerk t.o. Gorcums Museum programma: 20.15 Ontvangst 20.30 Welkom door Rob Kreszner 20.40 Performances diverse kunstenaars 21.20 Bezoek expositie

To see (part of) my presentation: link



Feb 27th 2017

Lecture Arizona Glass Alliance, Phoenix AZ

It has been my great pleasure to give a talk to the Arizona Glass Alliance in Scottsdale, Phoenix. A group of highly interested people who did not know me, gave me the opportunity to present myself to them and talk about my work and artistic philosophy. A lovely and sweet audience of glass addicts, collectors and gallery owners.

To see the lecture (slides only): link



September 10, 2016

Catalogue European Glass Context

My work is selected to represent The Netherlands at the ECG 2016 Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark





Knowing that all existence ends, and therefore is vulnerable, forces me as an artist and a human being to act with care. The awareness of our own mortality evokes compassion with all living things. By shaping a context of meaning, poetry and beauty through art, this careful acting becomes apparent.