Alexandra Bremers lives and  works in the Netherlands. In 2010 she graduated from the Rietveld Academy. She graduated from the glass department, but in her sculptures and installations she uses many different materials like latex rubber, wool or sugar etc.

Her sculptures are figurative, often made from existing objects . They show a great fragility and appear torn or falling apart. Xandra seeks for all the different ways in which human society deals with ending and decay. By putting the work in different contexts she tells a narrative of death and agression but also one of careful handling and compassion, confronting us in a poetic way with what we generally do not like to acknowledge.

Recently , she shifted her focus to installation work, a means of artistic expression that allows her to visualize a thought process. Her newest installation is called "Unrevealedness", a triptych of three separate installations exploring the elusive moment when a  mere thing becomes a work of art.